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Also known as: Marti, Marti G
Born: August 31, 1950 (1950-08-31) (age 69)
Florida, USA
Years active: 2009 - present
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Measurements: 49-32-38
Bra/cup size: 38K (85K)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight: 155 lb (70 kg)
Body type: Chubby
Eye color: Brown
Hair: BlondeBrown
Medium, Straight
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Shaved
Blood group: No
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal
Solo: Masturbation, Dildo
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal, Anal
Special: Bondage
Personal pages

Martiddds, or simply Marti, is a mature adult model best known for her pornographic blogs , , and, most recently and actively on Blogspot. She claims to publish her erotic blogs to prove the sexuality of women over 60 years of age. The public blogs, started in 2009 for her first BlogSpot blog, 2014 for her Tumblr site, and 2018 for her current Blogspot porn blog include hardcore and soft core pictures and video clips of herself and explicit details of her life as a sex addict. In October of 2014, Marti ceased updates on the Over 60 Big Tits platform to focus on her tumblr blog where she neared 100,000 followers. However, when Tumblr disallowed adult content in December, 2018, Marti recreated her blog on Blogspot: which she continues to update regularly.

Marti's breast size has increased considerably during her career and she now lists as a K cup. Photographs during her career clearly show a substantial breast increase which she says is natural and appears to be so in the hang of her large breasts and "pancake" appearance of them in supine pictures.


Martiddds derived her model name when she started her blog by combining her first name, Marti, with her natural breast cup size, DDD (or F). By 2011 she had progressed to a natural G cup and in 2015 increased to a natural H cup after minor weight gain. By 2018 she had become a K cup. Marti's first porn experience was as a webcam model on the IFriends platform from 2003 – 2005 under a different alias (not disclosed). She began performing in strip clubs in Florida and Georgia, USA, in 2011 at the age of 61. As of March 2019 she still performs, though infrequently. She has appeared on many porn sites. Along with her mature age and natural breast size, she is recognized for having very large erect nipples and for her very detailed, highly erotic prose that accompanies many of her pictures. She has also become an expert at producing Virtual 3D movies which she often makes as role play videos for her fans. Marti will sometimes offer live Q&A sessions for her fans where they ask her questions in a live format with immediate answers.

Marti's 38K Breasts and Long Nipples

Current status

As of March 2019 Marti updates her blog regularly including new nude softcore and hardcore pictures, animated gifs, and Virtual 3D movies. She no longer publishes videos but a substantial library of her videos can be found through web searches under her original porn name, Martiddds. Most of her available videos predate 2015. Her specialty, which often appears in her pictures, animated gifs, and videos, is nipple self sucking or nipple sharing with a partner. She also features deep throating and gangbangs in numerous posts and writes often about being a cum addict with a need for cum swallowing. Her natural K cup breasts are unmistakable because of the trademark freckles on her chest and her usually erect, very long nipples.

Marti Enjoying Her Nipple
Marti's Long Hard Nipple


According to her blog, Martiddds or just Marti is married to a cuckold who encourages her to have multiple sex partners. In 2011, she changed from being 100% heterosexual to totally bisexual and her sex stories contain as many details of her lesbian sex as details of her sex with men. Often, her stories of sex with men include rather large gang bangs with her in the center. She lives in Florida, USA.


Marti Bubblebath Play With Big Mature Tits
Marti Letting Her 38K Sweater Puppies Out