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Laura San Giacomo

Laura San Giacomo in Stephen King's mini-series The Stand (1994)
Born: November 14, 1962 (1962-11-14) (age 56)
Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Measurements: 38DD-27-35
Bra/cup size: 38E (85E)  (same as DD cup)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Brown
Hair: RedheadBrunette
Underarm hair: Shaved

Laura San Giacomo is an American actress. There is debate regarding the size of her large breasts, as they have never been fully revealed.

Bust size

Laura San Giacomo in Under Suspicion (1991)

The noticeable sagginess in San Giacomo's chest suggests that they are natural. Also, due to her relatively short height, they appear to take up most of her upper torso. They also appear to be getting bigger with time. When fully clothed, she was noticeably smaller in her early movies and it has been speculated she sometimes uses a minimizer brassiere to reduce the size of their appearance. [1]

It has been speculated by some that her size is 34 bust (inch) [2][1]

Debates regarding her breasts have resulted in constant edit wars in Wikipedia [1], online polls [2], and sites determined to find explanation theories. [1].

Producers who cast San Giacomo were not blind to this. She had a few strategic topless teasing in movies. Also, during the six year run of her sitcom Just Shoot Me!, not only was she often wearing tight sweaters, but it was not rare (especially in later seasons) for other characters to refer to her large breasts. Many situations on the show, involved her breasts (her character was even tricked to wear a see-through dress in public once, her nude body then shown to the viewers in pixelization).

In 1999, it was reported in a National Enquirer gossip column that Just Shoot Me producers wanted San Giacomo to wear a tighter bra to prevent her breasts from jiggling around so much.[1]

Personal life

In 2000, Laura San Giacomo married actor Matt Adler.

She also has a son from her previous husband, actor Cameron Dye. Due to her son's learning and physical disabilities, she became a strong supporter for inclusive educational opportunities for all children.

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